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Maritime World And Seafaring

Joe Writeson

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Born in the North East of England in a solid working class environment. I attended the school of hard knocks where I was awarded a diploma in doing as little as possible whilst appearing to do the opposite. On leaving the education system I started really learning, firstly as an apprentice avoiding work in the Tyneside shipyards before moving on to skiving on larger projects. I then strangely enough, embraced a totally different work ethic and attitude as an offshore construction worker in the fledgling North Sea Oil industry. It opened up a whole new vista and way of life.

Taking stock, I decided to escape the local desolation of redundancy, limited opportunities ... and the UK Taxman, and for over forty years traveled the world.

I was never afraid to adapt or change direction and I moved between marine, oil construction, ship building and repair, salvage work, subsea/diving/ROV support, often moving sideways or up the supervisory ladder, finally ending up in senior management.

Over the years I worked in South America, North & West Africa, The Middle East and South East Asia.

On the journey, had a beer or two, took part in many cultural exchanges over a beer, fought a few tigers then had a beer, quelled revolutions then celebrated with a beer, advised world leaders and had a beer with them, solved the world’s problems, with a beer, fell in love, scored some match-winning goals and had a great life, mostly without leaving the pub.

Age, stress and a life of extremes finally caught up with me six years ago and I had a physical breakdown followed by seven months in hospital. I underwent five operations and during recovery, as well as physical, I found I needed mental therapy.

I began writing out anything and everything I could recall about my travels, the people, the places, the ladies ...and the beers. From reams of handwritten notes emerged my first book 'From Jarrow to Java'. Second in the series is 'From Jarrow to Jebel Ali' anecdotes about expats behaving badly in the Middle East, with three more 'From Jarrow' 'works in progress'

Also available '50 Shades of Black & White' and although sports related, it is written in the same style as the 'Jarrow' series.

I am now unable to walk and wheelchair bound, OK a hindrance, but it has presented me with a new challenge as well as a different perspective on life, its a case of review the options, adapt, use the capabilities I still have...and get on with living. I write for a living and live to write.


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