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February 15, 2016     by Capt. Sanjiv Kumar

All seafarers need to have their CDC's renewed as and when it becomes due. Please find attached the procedure for renewal of Indian CDC's. I hope it answers all your queries on the subject.

  1. Go to www.dgshipping.gov.in.
  2. Go to egovernance, Seafarers registration, enter INDoS no & DOB. If already registered then use your INDoS no as user ID, Password (INDoS no or INDoS no followed by digit 1 or changed password)
  3. Update seafarers profile.
  4. Go to “CDC management and select your CoC ”
  5. Under “Submit Application” Select “Renewal CDC (New)”.
  6. Fill the data as shown below  & Generate Application No.

    A. Under office Select “ SHIPPING MASTER OFFICE MUMBAI”( nearest shipping master) and fill the remaining fields including passport details and click “CONTINUE”

    B. Enter Permanent Address and Contact Details and click “CONTINUE”.

    C. Under pay fees click “CONTINUE”.

    D. Select “I agree” and click “Generate Application No.”

  7. Pay Fees online.
  8. Take print out of the application, sign on it and upload along with other required documents    shown below.



Sr.No. Documents to be Uploaded
1 Scan copy of signed online application
2 Passport size (3.5 cm X 3.5 cm) photograph of seafarer
3 Self attested scanned copy of CDC(first and last two pages)
4 Self attested scan copy of proof of Indian citizenship document (Passport or any other document)




JayaKumar - 11 days ago
For renewal any documents to be send ?In How many days sticker will be send?By courier or India speed post
Rishi Saraswat - 2 months ago
If my CDC expiring on 24 Sep 2018, can I renew it or how early one can renew CDC
Vaibhav - 5 months ago
Hi I am not getting reupload obtion to upload CDC scanned files as I had uploaded first page only Pls help
Pankaj - 5 months ago
What if the CDC HAS expired long time back. We have applied for renewal. They now have queried back reason for not renewing early. What should be the right reply as earlier in Cruise it was not required and as per recent government directive, it is required. Kindly guide
Pavan - 6 months ago
I entered wrong expiry date while filling application. How to correct it. Filled in application for replacement is already uploaded on website.
sumeet - 7 months ago
sir , i have filled the online form for my cdc renewal and they said u need u reupload the signed application form, i did it and it has been week i uploaded the form but the status on e -governence is still the same. kindly help me .
MAHENDRA RATHOD - 11 months ago
kapil - 1 year ago
how to self attest scanned copy ?? I mean do i need to take color printout of scan and sign it and again scan it to upload or i can simply do the xerox ,sign it and upload i m confused please guide .
Ajay - 1 year ago
CDC is valid but my booklet is full. I want to get new CDC booklet. Kindly tell me the procedure
shravan kumar - 2 years ago
hii sir, i shravan kumar. i want some instruction from u pls guide me i just applied for CDC renew i uploaded all my documents but there is no option for upload signature. so pls tell me how i upload my signature. thanks & best regds shravan kumar
Bharat - 1 year ago
Hi Shravan, Me too have the same confusion.How to upload signature and in which format.Did you mange to know how? Plz let me know.
Ravi - 1 year ago
Hi sir, for renewal cdc, there is no option to upload signature, and in which format have to send, pls guide me sir.
Tushar Parmar - 1 year ago
Hi. I'm also having the same problem. There is no option to upload signature. Did anyone get the solution of it? Plz guide for the same.
Suraj Singh - 2 years ago
I want aply for New CDC How can I do this
SD Singh - 2 years ago
I want apply for any CDC ,
Poonacha - 2 years ago
I have applied for CDC additional booklet. They are asking for bank verification letter and passport copy again even after uploading the same in applications. What exactly they need as bank verification.
capt. sanjiv kumar - 2 years ago
Go to the bank manager. he will verify.
kenny - 2 years ago
i made my profile using myold pp no. which now has expired and i have a new pp no. how do i proceed, pls help
Visakhan - 2 years ago
Is there any online application available for the integration of CDC & INDoS no?(except the excel format ) If so please provide the link.
my cdc page is finised but cdc not expiry what to do.
Man - 2 years ago
Just stay at home and wait until it will expire, then apply for renewal.there is a lot of job demands without you;)
Ravindra Giva - 2 years ago
Follow above procedure but select renewal cdc option and pay fees Rs.100/- and upload CDC Front 2 pages and Last 2 pages, Passport Front and last page. Photo and Signature.. it is simple you got your renewal sticker within 45 days


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