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Marine Opportunities

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Jobs by Rank

Catering Dept Jobs
2nd Cook Jobs
Chief Cook Jobs
Chief Steward Jobs
Cook Assistant Jobs
Messman Jobs
Steward Jobs

Cruiser Staff Jobs
Animateure Jobs
Arts and Crafts Instructor Jobs
Assist. Casino Manager Jobs
Assist. Stage Manager Jobs
Assistant Bar Manager Jobs
Assistant Beverage Manager Jobs
Assistant Chief Housekeeper Jobs
Assistant Cook Jobs
Assistant Cruise Director Jobs
Assistant Executive Housekeeper Jobs
Assistant Food Manager Jobs
Assistant Housekeeper Jobs
Assistant Maitre 'D Jobs
Assistant Restaurant Manager Jobs
B&W Steward Jobs
Babysitter Jobs
Baker Jobs
Baker Supervisor Jobs
Bar Accountant Jobs
Bar manager Jobs
Bar Steward/ess Jobs
Bar Supervisor Jobs
Barkeeper Jobs
Bartender Jobs
Barwaiter/waitress Jobs
Beautician Jobs
Beauty Saloon Manager Jobs
Bell Captain Jobs
Beverage Manager Jobs
Bridge Instructor Jobs
Buffet attendant Jobs
Buffet Steward Jobs
Bus boy Jobs
Butler Jobs
Cabin Attendant Jobs
Cabin Steward assist. Jobs
Cabin Steward/ess Jobs
Caricature Artist Jobs
Cashier Jobs
Casino Manager Jobs
Cellar master Jobs
Chef Jobs
Chef de Cuisine Jobs
Chef de Partie Jobs
Chef de Rang Jobs
Chief Housekeeper Jobs
Chief Purser/Hotel Manager Jobs
Chief Steward Jobs
Cleaner Jobs
Club Direktor Jobs
Cocktail Waiter Jobs
Comedian Jobs
Commis Jobs
Commis de Rang Jobs
Computer System Hardware Technician Jobs
Concierge Jobs
Confectioner Jobs
Cook Trainee Jobs
Cosmetologist Jobs
Cost Accountant Jobs
Crew Administrator Jobs
Croupier Jobs
Cruise Director Jobs
Cruise staff Jobs
Cupcake Supervisor Jobs
Dance Instructor Jobs
Dancer Jobs
Deck Supervisor Jobs
Deputy Purser/Assist. Hotel Manag. Jobs
Destination Lecturer Jobs
Digital Signage and ITV Content Specialist Jobs
Dining Room Head Waiter Jobs
Dining Room Junior Waiter Jobs
Dining Room Waiter Jobs
Disc Jockey Jobs
Dishwasher Jobs
Dive Instructor Jobs
Executive Chef Jobs
Executive Housekeeper Jobs
Executive Sous Chef Jobs
Facilities Horticulturist Jobs
Facilities Manager Jobs
First Cook Jobs
Fitness Trainer Jobs
Floor Supervisor Jobs
Food and Bev. Department Director Jobs
Food and Beverage Manager Jobs
Galley Cleaner Jobs
Gift Shop Assist. Jobs
Gift Shop Manager Jobs
Golf Instructor Jobs
Guest Entertainer Jobs
Guest Relations & Activities Supervisor Jobs
Guest Relations Manager Jobs
Guest Services Manager Jobs
Hairdresser Jobs
Head Room Steward/ess Jobs
Head Waiter Jobs
HK cleaners Jobs
Hostess Jobs
Hotel Director Jobs
Hotel Engineer Jobs
Hotel Manager Jobs
Hotel Service Engineer Jobs
Human Resources Manager Jobs
Internet Manager Jobs
Inventory Manager Jobs
Jewellery sales person Jobs
Laundry Man Jobs
Laundry Supervisor Jobs
Light Technician Jobs
Lounge Performer Jobs
Maitre D Jobs
Marketing and Revenue Manager Jobs
Massage Therapist Jobs
Messman Jobs
Musician Jobs
Nail Technician Jobs
Onboard Marketing Manager Jobs
Outlet Chef Jobs
Pastry Chef Jobs
Pastry Man Jobs
Patissier Jobs
Photo Manager Jobs
Photographer Jobs
Pool Attendant Jobs
Port/Shopping Lecturer Jobs
Purser Jobs
Receptionist Jobs
Restaurant Hostess Jobs
Restaurant Manager Jobs
Restaurant Steward Jobs
Revenue Accountant Jobs
Room Service Attendant Jobs
Safty Officer Jobs
Scuba Diving Instructor Jobs
Second Cook Jobs
Security Guard Jobs
Shipboard Computer System Manager Jobs
Shop staff Jobs
Shops Salesperson Jobs
Shore Concierge Jobs
Shore Excursion Manager Jobs
Shore Excursion Staff Jobs
Show Dancer Jobs
Show Singer Jobs
Slot technician Jobs
Social Director Jobs
Sommelier Jobs
Sound & Light Manager Jobs
Sous Chef Jobs
Special Interest Speaker Jobs
Sports Director Jobs
Staff Engineer Jobs
Stage Manager Jobs
Stage Staff Jobs
Store Keeper Jobs
Sushi Cook Jobs
Third Cook Jobs
Training and Development Manager Jobs
Waiter Jobs
Winesteward Jobs
Youth Counselor Jobs
Youth Staff Jobs

Deck Department Jobs
1st Officer Jobs
1st Skipper Stationary Jobs
2nd Officer Jobs
3rd Officer Jobs
Able Seaman Jobs
Bosun Jobs
Captain Jobs
Carpenter Jobs
Chief Officer Jobs
Crane Operator Jobs
Deck Cadet Jobs
Deck Fitter Jobs
Deck Supervisor Jobs
DP Sen. Officer Jobs
DPO Jobs
DPO 2nd Officer Jobs
DPO 3rd Officer Jobs
DPO Chief Officer Jobs
DPO Master Jobs
Driver on Ro-Ro Jobs
Environmental Off. Jobs
Jr. DPO Jobs
Jr. DPO 2nd officer Jobs
Jr. DPO 3RD Officer Jobs
Jr. DPO Chief Officer Jobs
Junior Officer Jobs
Ordinary Seaman Jobs
Pilot Jobs
Pilot Mooring Master Jobs
Pumpman Jobs
Quarter Master Jobs
Radio Officer Jobs
Rig Mo/Barge Master Pilot Jobs
Rigger Jobs
ROV pilot Jobs
ROV supervisor Jobs
Skipper Jobs
Sr. DPO Chief Officer Jobs
Sr. DPO Master Jobs
Staff Captain Jobs
Trainee Ordinary seaman Jobs
Yacht Master Jobs
Yacht Sailor Jobs

Engineering Dept Jobs
1st Engineer Jobs
2nd Engineer Jobs
3rd Engineer Jobs
4th Engineer Jobs
Assistant Reefer Engineer Jobs
Asst.Electrical Officer Jobs
Backhoe Engineer Jobs
Barge Engineer Jobs
Cargo Engineer Jobs
Chief Engineer Jobs
Dredger Engineers Jobs
Electrical Officer Jobs
Engine Cadet Jobs
Engine Fitter Jobs
ETO Jobs
Fitter Welder Jobs
Gas Engineer Jobs
Hydraulic Engineer Jobs
Junior Engineer Jobs
Mechanic Jobs
Motorman Jobs
Oiler Jobs
OOW Engine Jobs
PIelstik Engineer Jobs
Plumber Jobs
Pumpman Jobs
Reefer Engineer Jobs
Reefer Mechanic Jobs
Sole Engineer Jobs
Staff Chief Engineer Jobs
Staff Engineer Jobs
Storekeeper Jobs
Travel Fitter Jobs
Travel Wiper Jobs
Wiper Jobs
Y4 Yacht Engineer Jobs

Housekeeping,or engine room wiper Jobs

Platform Jobs
Assist. Sub Sea Eng. Jobs
Assistant Driller Jobs
Chief Electrician Jobs
Crane Operator Jobs
CSWIP 3.4U - Underwater Inspection Controller Jobs
Cyber Driller Jobs
Derrickhand Jobs
Derrickman Jobs
Driller Jobs
Drilling Engineer Jobs
Drilling Foreman Jobs
Drilling Superintendent Jobs
Drilling Supervisor Jobs
Electrical Technician Jobs
Electronic Technician Jobs
Engineer for Approval Procedures Jobs
Engineer for Maritime Construction Jobs
ETO Jobs
Gas Drilling Engineer Jobs
Geologist Jobs
Hydraulic Superintendent Jobs
IMCA Sat Supervisors - Closed Bell (Sat) Jobs
Jacking engineer Jobs
Loss Prevention Engineer Jobs
Mechanical Technician Jobs
Motorman Jobs
Mud Engineer Jobs
Offshore Site Representative Jobs
OIM- installation mng. Jobs
OOE- operations engineer Jobs
OTL- operations leader Jobs
Production Operator Jobs
Production Supervisor Jobs
Pumpman Jobs
Rig Manager Jobs
Rig Performance Manager Jobs
Rig Superintendent Jobs
Rostabout Jobs
Roughneck Jobs
Safety officer Jobs
Scaffolder Jobs
Senior Toolpusher Jobs
Sub Sea Engineer Jobs
Tool Pusher Jobs

Safety / Security / Medical Jobs
Dentist Jobs
Dentist technician Jobs
Doctor Jobs
Environmental Engineer Jobs
Environmental Officer Jobs
HSE Manager Jobs
Nurse Jobs
Paramedic Jobs
QHSE Director Jobs
Safety Officer Jobs
Security instructor Jobs
Security Staff Jobs
Ship Security Officer Jobs

Shore Based Jobs
2nd Engineer Jobs
2nd Officer Jobs
3rd Engineer Jobs
3rd Officer Jobs
4th Engineer Jobs
Assistant Crewing Officer Jobs
Assistant HSE Manager Jobs
Assistant Marine Terminal Superintendent Jobs
Assistant Survey Technician Jobs
Assistant Technical Manager Jobs
Assistant Technical Superintendent Jobs
Assit. Crew manage Jobs
Assit. Naval Architech Jobs
Auditor Jobs
Aviation Quality Control Inspector Jobs
Basin Modeler Jobs
Brodovoda Jobs
Broker Jobs
Business development manager Jobs
Cargo Planner Jobs
Chartering Asst. Manager Jobs
Chartering Manager Jobs
Chartering Officer Jobs
Chief engineer Jobs
Chief Officer Jobs
Chief Survey Technician Jobs
Civil & Structural Manager Jobs
Civil Superint. Jobs
Class. Society Surveyor Jobs
Commercial Manager Jobs
Company Safety Officer Jobs
Company Security Officer Jobs
Construction Manager Jobs
Consultancy Jobs
Contracting Manager Jobs
Crew Specialist Jobs
Crewing Manager Jobs
Crewing manager/coordinator Jobs
CSO Jobs
Design Engineer Jobs
Designated Person Ashore Jobs
Draftsman Jobs
Dreadging Supervisor Jobs
Drilling Fluids Specialist Jobs
Electrical Designer Jobs
Electrical Eng. Jobs
Electrical Field Service Engineer Jobs
Electrical inspector Jobs
Electrical Superint. Jobs
Engineering Superintendent Jobs
EOR Researcher Jobs
Estimator Jobs
ETO Jobs
Explorationist Jobs
Fabrication Manager Jobs
Facilities Engineer Jobs
Field Engineer Jobs
Field Operations/Maintenance Representative Jobs
Field Service Superintendent Jobs
Fleet Manager Jobs
Foreman Jobs
G550 & Hawker Special Flight Mechanic Jobs
General Manager Jobs
Health & Safety Off. Jobs
High Voltage Electr. Superint. Jobs
HV Electrical Superint. Jobs
Industrial Skills Trainer Jobs
Instructor Jobs
Instrument Designer Jobs
Instrument Eng. Jobs
Instrumental Superint. Jobs
Instrumentation & Telecommunication Manager Jobs
Internal Oditor Jobs
IT System Support Engineer Jobs
Kapetan luke Jobs
Legal Services Jobs
Life Saving Equipment and Appliances Technician Jobs
Maintenance Administrator Jobs
Maintenance Engineer Jobs
Maintenance Superintendent Jobs
Manager Jobs
Marine & Coastal Director Jobs
Marine Assurance Assistant Jobs
Marine Co-ordinator Jobs
Marine Electrical Engineer Jobs
Marine Electronics Technician Jobs
Marine Engineer Jobs
Marine Engineering Specialist Jobs
Marine Fire Fighting Equipment Technician Jobs
Marine Manager Jobs
Marine Operations & Pier Supervisor Jobs
Marine Superintendent Jobs
Marine Surveyor Jobs
Marine/Mechanical Engineer Jobs
Master Mariner Jobs
Mechanic Jobs
Mechanical Eng. Jobs
Mechanical Field Service Engineer Jobs
Mechanical Superint. Jobs
Motorist Jobs
Nastavnik - Nautika Jobs
Nastavnik - Strojarstvo Jobs
Nautical Superintendent Jobs
Naval Architect Jobs
Oil and Gas Jobs
Operation assistant Jobs
Operation Superintendent Jobs
Operations Executive Jobs
Personeel Manager Jobs
Personel Executive Jobs
Personnel Manager Jobs
Piping Eng. Jobs
Piping Superint. Jobs
Pomorski Peljar Jobs
Port Agency Manager Jobs
Port Captain Jobs
Port engineer Jobs
Port Facility Security Officer Jobs
Port Operations Jobs
Principal Marine & Coastal Consultant Jobs
Principal Marine Scientist Jobs
Process Eng. Jobs
Process Manager Jobs
Production Engineer Jobs
Production Engineer Specialist Jobs
Project Eng. Jobs
Project Manager Jobs
Purchasing Coordinator Jobs
QA/QC Inspector Jobs
QSS & Training Superintendent Jobs
Quality assurance advisor Jobs
Repair Yard Jobs
Reports Assistant Jobs
Reports Writer Jobs
Ro Jobs
Route Design Engineer Jobs
ROV Manager Jobs
Safety and Operations Manager Jobs
Safety Quality and Environmental Superintendent Jobs
Sales Account Manager Jobs
Sales Executive Jobs
Senior Accountant Jobs
Senior Crewing Director Jobs
Senior Crewing Executive Jobs
Senior Energy Consultant Jobs
Senior Engineering Consultants Jobs
Senior Naval Architect Jobs
Senior Operations Manager Jobs
Senior Project Manager Jobs
Senior Technical Superintendent Jobs
Senior Technician Jobs
Senior Trade Manager Jobs
Service Technician Jobs
Ship Agencies Jobs
Ship Chadier Jobs
Ship consultant Jobs
Ship Designer Jobs
Ship Management Jobs
Ship Operator Jobs
Ship Planner Jobs
Ship Repair Manager Jobs
Ship Services Jobs
Shipowner Supervision Surveyor Jobs
Shipping Operator Jobs
Shipyard Jobs
Strojar doka Jobs
Structural Eng. Jobs
Superintendent Jobs
Survey staff Jobs
Survey Technician Jobs
Surveyor Jobs
Sustainable Construction Director Jobs
Tailend/Mechanical Foreman Jobs
Tanker Chartering Trainee Jobs
Tech.Fleet Manager Jobs
Technical Advisor - Mechanical Equipment Repairs Jobs
Technical controller Jobs
Technical Manager Jobs
Technical Superintendent Jobs
Trainer- Marine Engineering Jobs
Training Faculty Jobs
Travel Co-ordinator Jobs
Upravitelj doka Jobs
Vessel Manager Jobs
Vessel Operations Coordinator Jobs
Vessel Performance Analyst Jobs
Vetting Coordinator Jobs
Voy.Rep. Staff Jobs
Warranty and FS Coordinator Jobs
Welder Jobs
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