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Maritime World And Seafaring

Free Lunch ... sort of

October 01, 2016     by Joe Writeson

When people say 'There is no such thing as a free lunch' they usually mean if something appears to be 'free' then there are usually strings attached.

Well in this case the only 'strings' are you have to download the book yourself, no charges, nothing to join, no fees. Download and read in multiple formats.

Sample chapters of all of my books so far.

From Jarrow to Java

From Jarrow to Jurong

From Jarrow to Jebel Ali

From Jarrow to Rio



Please note: Whilst not full of profanity, the stories often contain 'seafarer's language' and 'adult content'.

Anyone having trouble downloading, contact me direct and I will send a complimentary copy by email.




Raden sitinjak - 3 years ago
Second Engineer (Engineer Officer Class II. and COE Singapore )


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